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Birdwatching is a recreational and relaxation activity often found in the West, but which is timidly starting to make its presence felt in our country.

Doripesco invites you at Dumbrăviţa, in the Carpathian Delta, as it was well named, due to having 200 species of birds there, some of them being included in the international directives and conventions concerning fauna protection: the great bittern, the purple heron, the ferruginous duck, the corncrake, etc. 

For some species, the area with the greatest effectives noticed in Transylvania (the black stork, the great egret, greater white-fronted goose, the shelduck, black tern).

The Dumbrăviţa Fishing Complex - Special Avifaunistic Protection Area, Sit Ramsar – is found in the Bârsei Depression, Braşov county, at 25 km N of Braşov city, on DN 1, which connects Braşov and Sibiu, toward Dumbrăviţa commune.

It comprises an artificial lake and a system of fish stews, which total 414 ha. Aside from the overflow, it comprises emerging and aquatic vegetation (reed, bulrush, sedge, etc.) on the western border of the lake and on some stews (60 ha), clumps of willows, grass lands and pastures, etc.


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In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity performed within limits, developed for the purpose of maintaining, with the hunting weapon, an equilibrium in nature. Said more precisely for the purpose of maintaining an equilibrium between the species of predatory game and those of herbivore game.



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At the basis of the Doripesco activity lies the concept of multifunctional pisciculture. This entails fulfilling the whole commercial chain: production of raw materials – production of the finished products – selling and distribution of the finished products. 
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