Multifunctional pisciculture:


At the basis of all the Doripesco activity is the concept of multifunctional pisciculture. This entails  the  performance of the entire commercial chain: the production of raw materials (fish farms) – the production of finished products (section of fish processing) – commercialization and distribution of finished products (Doripesco restaurants, private stores,  traditional supply networks and IKA)


The pisciculture branch includes:


-2 carp fish farms, which total a surface of around 320 ha surface of water;

-1 farm of sturgeons;

-2 trout farms;

- the fish processing section by means of which Doripesco offers its clients traditional fish products, after recipes of dozens of years, attested as traditional products.

-6 stores for the commercialization of fish and fish preparations.


Carpathian Delta Product Range – Doripesco


                                                Salad of carp caviar                                               


In Țara Bârsei, on the territory of the towns of Dumbrăviţa, Rotbav, Măieruş and Hălchiu caviar salad has become established, being prepared from carp caviar, sunflower oil, salt and lemon. Doripesco keeps the tradition of carp caviar salad offering its clients the most savoury and natural product on the market, in its segment.



Doripesco Caviar Salad 


Everyone knows that the best fish borsch is the one where we find a mix of fish species. For this reason, Doripesco created a new recipe of caviar salad, maintaining the ancestral tradition of preparation, but at the same time surprinsing your taste buds with the savour of the carp caviar, bighead carp, the silver carp, each bringing its contribution for a finished taste.


Trout Fish Squash 

The trout, such a healthy fish, was made into an extremely tasty and fine squash, ideal for breakfast, or for the preparation of quick and delicious appetisers, which will delight your family and guests.

Fisher’s Fish Squash      


A product which will pamper your taste buds, due to its able combination of ingredients. Sweet Paprika and pepper give it a slightly spicy flavour, which will awaken your senses, especially if the product is consumed for breakfast.


                                                    Smoked Bighead Carp from Țara Bârsei                                                                    

The name „Smoked Bighead Carp from Țara Bârsei” reffers to the fish of Aristichthys nobilis species, processed in the form of fillets weighing 100-400 grams, hot bloated, with hardwood wood dust (beech) for a unique flavour, traditional bloating method from the geographical area „Ţara Bârsei”. Fillets are yellow golden in colour with metallic reflexes, towards brown, having a fribous texture, without fatty deposits with a slightly smoked taste and a little salty.

The product „Novac Afumat din Țara Bârsei” - „Smoked Bighead Carp from Țara Bârsei” is the only product from the fish sector which enjoys the „National Protection” and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certifications.

Doripesco Baguette


From the oldest times, the inhabitants of Ţara Bârsei used to bloat the fish in order to keep it in the winter. Doripesco forwards this tradition, offering its clients delicious silver carp filetts, bloated with hardwood (beech), and then envelopped in the flavour and savor of an assortment of seasoning and spices.

Smoked Cod


From the oldest of times, fish was consumed in a fresh state or conserved by salting and smoking, constituting a delicacy for festive meals. The Doripesco cod respects the wish of the Ardeal consumer of processing fish in the form of fillets, overlayed and tied with a string from place to place.


Fish Pastrami



Observing ancient traditions, Doripesco has obtained an extremely tasty preparation. The meat of the plant eater is conserved the same as in ancient times, by salting, and then complimented by a blend of spices: pepper, thyme, sweet paprika, garlic and mustard seeds, which confer the uniqueness of this product.

Smoked Trout


Bred in the farms from Podu-Olt and Valea Băgăţii, Doripesco trout is following a tradition of preparation transmitted from father to son ever since the 13th century. The tradition of smoking food products comes from Saxons coming from the Transylvanian territories ever since 1225. The wood dust of beech wood, boiled in advance, confers the Doripesco trout a unique flavour.

Trout from Ardeal



The Doripesco Ardeal trout follows a tradition of preparation from the oldest ancestors. After the  description of Heresbachi, the smoking of food had become part of the domestic life of the inhabitants of Ţara Bârsei.


Trout Roulade 


Doripesco Specialty, Rulada Păstrăvarului (Trout Roulade) follows a recipe from Măieruşului region. The silver carp and bighead carp salted meat, seasoned and flavoured with greens is wrapped in trout fillets, brook trout and rainbow trout, from private farms and bloated with beechwood wood dust, according to tradition.


Fish Stew with Mushrooms  


Doripesco has reinvented zacusca!

We created a recipe prepared with carefully chosen, fresh and healthy vegetables: peppers, carrots, many tomatoes, mushrooms, and in order to make everything special, we added the flavor of Doripesco products using fresh fish from the Carpathian Delta. It deserves a try!          

Stewed Cabbage with Fish

A unique dish on the Romanian market, a true fishery specialty. As the most tasty fish soup is obtained from as many fish species as possible, so does the the sweet tasting meat of the carp, the lean one of the silver carp and the savory flavor of the bighead carp contribute to the savory taste of this product. And to enhance the taste, add cooked pickled cabbage is added, rice, some vegetables and lots of love. A dish that will win over your taste buds!

Fish Salad in Spiced Oil 


You will certainly not expect this. The silver carp fillet is left to macerate in a blend of spices, oil and vinegar. In the end, the dipped fish is delicious, leaving a combination of tastes: sweet-sour, a little spicy, and the meat is soft and tender, so that it melts in your mouth.

Trout Ragout 

The Doripesco cooks have taken inspiration from the Romanian village recipes to make a new and different product. To bring its personal contribution, the chicken meat was replaced with the trout one, healthy and dietary, being dipped in a delicious sauce, pickled and with a unique flavour given by the blend of vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, hot pepper, green olives, garlic and special spices: sweet paprika, hot paprika, mosaic pepper. We recommend this healthy, tasty, delicious product with no conservatives!

Trout Salad 


The sweet and fatless meat of fresh trout taken out of the Doripesco basins, is dipped in a slightly sour sauce with white wine and many vegetables such as: cucumbers, carrots, green olives and hot pepper. After the meat is macerated, the taste is unique, as each vegetable contributes to the delight of your taste buds. The best news I will give now: the product is 100% natural! 

Trout Saute with Spinach 



A dietary product healthy but also very tasty. The vegetables from the recipe have been carefully selected, to give the preparation a special taste and a particular aspect: the green of the spinach was combined with the red of the pepper and with the white of the sweet onion and of the tender meat of the trout. At the end a few spices were added, which we cannot divulge to you, remaining in the cook’s secret. This preparation must be savoured, visually and by taste! Simply delicious!

Trout Fillet in Olive Sauce 


A product with Mediteranean flavour, the trout fillet is boiled in a delicious tomato sauce, mixed with black olives, red pepper, onion and white wine for tenderizing. For a special savour, cooks have added garlic, but also novel spices, which will surprise you: oregano, cinnamon, clove, thyme, and laurel leaves. 


Fish Meat Balls                                                  



Wether we go out to a picnic, or at the pub, meat balls are consumed and apreciated in all the world. Fish meat balls are a new product, very well received by Doripesco clients, as proven by the sales of Doripesco restaurants, but also the 20000 fish meat balls sold during the Fish Festival of the Carpathian Delta– Doripesco.       


Fish Meat Balls of the Carpathian Delta – Doripesco



Delicious meat balls, made of fish trunk derived straight from the Carpathian Delta, complimented with balmy seasoning, they are well rolled in bread crumbs in order to take on a slightly crispy crust with frying. Dear cooks and homemakers, is the oil sizzling?

Unboned Fish Meat 

Useful both in restaurants, as in the kitchen of any homemaker, delicious fish meatballs fried or simmered in broth can be made. Additionally, cooks can make use of their imagination to invent new recipes. 

Fish Cutlets

Fine fish fillets, slightly seasoned and flavoured with spices, ready made to be thrown in an oil bath to be served either as appetiziers, or with an added garnish. They are loved by children, but also by men who prefer them with a beer on the side. Moreover, the cooks of Doripesco restaurants transform them into delicious appetisers, by rolling them well in a layer of bechamel.




Smoked Mackerel  



Even though it does not come from the Carpathian Delta, Doripesco transformed it in a delicious product, which can be consumed as such, or under various forms, to the delight of taste buds. Did you know that there are 175 recipes worldwide that include in their composition the bloated mackerel?




The Doripesco Delta din Carpaţi brand – is built on elements which underline the closeness to nature: the natural environment in which the fish lives with a varied multitude of plants, animals and birds; the protected natural area (Sit Ramsar and Sit Natura 2000); the feeding of fish with cereals of the best quality. The whole range of Doripesco products (both products for spread, as well as the smoked ones) represent a premium category, the best fish products, existing on the Romanian market. The high quality is given in particular by the ingredients used: raw materials of prime freshness and natural ingredients (beechwood for smoking according to tradition, spices and oil of the best quality).


Doripesco does not make and intensive fish culture and does not use granulated feed in the breeding process, but only cereals of the best quality. The 415 ha of water surface represents a surface which ensures a breeding for the fish in a natural habitat, and the cereal feed completes all this breeding process so that our clients can enjoy fresh and natural products.

Doripesco products benefit of raw materials of the best freshsness, issued from natural environment, due to the caught fish being transported alive, in special water containers, reaching in maximum 1 hour from the farms to the processing section. Moreover, from the reception to the gathering of the finished product the time is monitored so to not exceed 72 hours, ensuring the freshness of the product, the continuity and uniformity of food quality and safety.


Delta din Carpati - Doripesco signifies traditional fish products. From the oldest of times, fishing was among the occupations of Țara Bârsei population. Fish was consumed in the fresh state or conserved by salting and bloating, constituting a delicacy for festive tables. Adopting the recipes brought on our lands in the Phanariotes Era by the Lipovan Russians, or those brought by the colonizers of Germanic origin (the Saxons), Doripesco has become the first company producing fish and other processed fish products from which it obtained a certificate of traditional products .The seven products with traditional certificate, made after traditional recipes from Ţara Bârsei, are: Carp caviar Salad– Carpathian Delta Doripesco, Caviar Salad from Ardeal –Carpathian Delta Doripesco, bloated cod – Carpathian Delta Doripesco, (Păstrăv Ardelenesc) Trout of Ardeal – Carpathian Delta Doripesco, Seasoned trout from Ardeal– Carpathian Delta Doripesco, Fish baguette – Carpathian Delta Doripesco and Fish jerky– Carpathian Delta Doripesco.

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In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity performed within limits, developed for the purpose of maintaining, with the hunting weapon, an equilibrium in nature. Said more precisely for the purpose of maintaining an equilibrium between the species of predatory game and those of herbivore game.



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At the basis of the Doripesco activity lies the concept of multifunctional pisciculture. This entails fulfilling the whole commercial chain: production of raw materials – production of the finished products – selling and distribution of the finished products. 
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