The principles and the respect for nature and fish impose a few rules:

1. The fisher does not have an established stand: each will sit on the empty spot as they come. Reservations can be made for a fee.
2. Only at Dumbrăviţa dam there is a car access until near the lake and there is camping including at night, but the fishing will be done only within the schedule established during the day. Nighttime fishing is strictly forbidden.
3. The maximum quantity which can be caught is 5 kg. Over this quantity (if the keeping of the fish will be desired) the cost of the additional kilograms will be paid at the price of the day established by the society management.
4. There are a maximum of 3 fishing lines/fishes/receipts admitted.The fishing lines will have tips with a maximum of 2 hooks.
5. Bathing is strictly forbidden.
6. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the perimeter of the Doripesco property if you are inebriated.
7. Fishers have the obligation to respect nature, the colleague fishers and the Doripesco agents.
8. Doripesco agents can decide to stop the fishing in case there are electrical discharges and storms.
Any infringement of these articles will lead to the fisher’s evacuation from the Doripesco property.
Doripesco S.A.
Str. Bisericii nr. 224
Loc. Halchiu
Jud. Brasov - Romania