The fishing does not have an established stand.(Taxation can be made on the pond, not being necessary to wait for other fishers to be taxed, from other ponds of the Fishing Base.)
The tax is paid by any person who enters the pond, with the exception of children under 12 years and women who accompany the fisher and who do not fish themselves.
Reservations will be made only for a fee (payment in advance)
The maximum quantity which can be fished is of 10 kg. Over this quantity (if the keeping of the fish will be desired) the extra kilograms will be paid at the price of the day, established by society’s management.
There are a maximum of 3 fishing lines/fishes/receipts admitted. (without the possible reservations)
The lines will have tips with maximum 2 hooks. It is mandatory for the fishing net to be of textile material.
Bathing is forbidden.
We reserve the right to ask you to leave the perimeter of the Doripesco property if you are inebrietated.
Fishers have the obligation to respect nature, the fisher colleagues and the Doripesco agents.
Fishing during nightime is strictly forbidden. Fishing will be done only in the established space. (6:30- 19:30)
Doripesco agents can decide to stop the fishing in the case of electrical discharges and storms.
At the end of the fishing session, the fishers have the obligation to show the baggages and to weigh together with the Doripesco agents the quantity of caught fish.
Any infringement of these articles will lead to the evacuation of the fisher from the Doripesco property.
Contact: The Fishing Center 0726-709-793
Doripesco S.A.
Str. Bisericii nr. 224
Loc. Halchiu
Jud. Brasov - Romania