Dear fishermen,

Because the responsibility begins with each of us, we would like to inform you that during the alert period we will follow the advice of the authorities, so please follow the new rules and recommendations to keep everyone safe on the ponds of the Carpathian Delta :
  • Entry on Doripesco Lakes will be done only with a protective mask until the payment of the tax and receipt of the tax receipt, during the fishing trip it is not mandatory;
  • It is forbidden for more than 3 fishermen to stay on the fishing stand ;
  • Fishermen are required to maintain a social distance of 2m when paying the fee (which will be done in the order of arrival of the fishermen) until all restrictions are lifted. Doripesco members, as well as those with reservations will not have priority when paying the fee;
  • It is forbidden to receive visitors on all lakes, including family members;
  • The fisherman who does not comply with these imposed rules will leave our locations without being refunded the fishing tax;
  • Doripesco Lakes Administration is absolved of any responsibility for non-compliance with the above rules when conducting any controls by the competent state bodies;
  • All fishermen on the lake will have their temperature taken with a digital thermometer;
  • Fishermen with temperatures above 37.5 will not have access to the perimeter of the ponds.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you again!

Doripesco Team

Principles and the respect for nature and fish impose a few rules:

1. The access on Pond 4 is allowed with legitimation and only after paying the daily tax. Cars ca remain in the specially designed area (the two parking lots of sector B – the Olt side).
2.The fishing system is exclusively CATCH and RELEASE in conditions of maximum security.
3. The access will be afforded only with full equipment (carp matress, disinfecting spray and pincers for removing the hook, the used hooks being of those from professional systems).
4. There is a maximum of 4 fishing lines/fisher admitted.
5.The fishing stand will be kept clean.
6. At the end of the fishing session it is your duty to announce the Doripesco agent by phone and to show all the baggages before their final wrapping. No exception.
7.During the night you cannot leave the farm with the car excepting emergency cases and only with the permission of the on duty manager.
8. If the pond is reserved for contests, the access will be made only with the permission of the recreational fishing coordinator – when that is possible, on certain sides.
9. The Doripesco administrator reserves the right to stop the fishing activity in cases of unfavoravle weather.
10. To those interested in lake service (warm food from the restaurant, cold drinks) we suggest they call the Fishing Center.
11.In case the fisher does not conform to the regulation, the administrator reserves the right to make the information public and to request their exclusion from the fishing system of all associations of professional fishers.
Doripesco S.A.
Str. Bisericii nr. 224
Loc. Halchiu
Jud. Brasov - Romania