Delta din carpati
Dumbrăviţa Lake

EIt is one of the most representative halt places of the birds in Transylvania.

Natural protected area (H.G. 2151/2004) and Sit Ramsar –Wetland of International Importance

Aside from the overflow it comprises immersed vegetation and aquatic (reed, bulrush, sedge) on the western border of the lake and on some stews (60 ha), clumps of willows, grass lands and pastures.

The only place in Transylvania and one of the few places in the country where the grey heron nests in the reed.

The large egret’s only place of nesting from within the Carpathian chain.


Bârsa Depression, Braşov county, at 25 km North of Braşov city, on DN 1, which connects Braşov with Sibiu, towards the Dumbrăviţa commune. It comprises: an artificial lake and a system of fishing stews, with a total of 414 ha.

What can we fish?

The Dumbrăviţa lake and Hamaradia brook are two of the greatest attractions of recreational fishers in Braşov county. These are well known for their fish and they are known for the fishing conditions offered.

Here we can fish: common carp, crucian carp, the silver carp, the perch, the bleak, the chub, the ruffe, the rudd, and other fish.

What can we see?

Emerging and aquatic vegetation.

Water birds and their habitats (over 200 bird species, some of them being included in the international directives and conventions concerning fauna protection: the great bittern, the purple heron, the ferruginous duck, the corncrake, etc.).
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