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Presentation AVP Doripesco

In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity performed within limits, developed for the purpose of maintaining, with the hunting weapon, an equilibrium in nature. More precisely for the purpose of maintaining an equilibrium between the species of predatory game and those of herbivore game..

For true hunters, hunting has been and is something completely different. It is first of all an ancient calling from inside, which they feel in an irresistible way towards hunting and nature. One thing is very clear: hunting is generally practised, out of passion.

That is why, for many hunters it is much more important what and how they hunt than how much they hunt. The true hunting satisfaction comes, for them, from the sporting and elegant way in which they acquire the game, not from the size of the hunting panel or as the case may be, from the score of the trophy of the acquired game.
The AVP (Association of Hunting and Fishing) Doripesco members are guided on the hunting path by an old message written and given with love by a great lover of nature, determining others to think alike. 100 years ago, he transmitted:

  • To you, hunter is assigned the most beautiful adornment of the country. YOU are responsible for it. YOU can destroy it with your thoughtlessness, YOU can keep it.YOU have to keep it!
  • Throw away from your soul notions of useful and useless animals. The whole of nature of which you are a part of, is the result of a Creation, which you cannot conceive. YOU are not in the position to judge. By the power you were given, you can modify the proportion of some animal species as you please, in order to serve your potential interests, but do not destroy anything definitively, because you don’t have the power to remake it.
  • YOU have to see with loving eyes all the phenomena, all the beings of nature. Hatred has no place in your soul, which has to be a noble soul, because only in this way you deserve your honorary title of a true hunter.
  • When you walk in the fields and woods, your heart should fill with joy when you hear the prayer of the lark, when you hear the wood pecker striking the semantron in the church of the woods, how the thrush sings hymns of praise on the top of the tree. Let the purple rays of the sunrise and sunset recoil on your sparkling eyes. YOU should dream old fairy tales, hearing the lugubrious shriek of the tawny owl from the dark forest. To you may the autumn hart’s call be an organ’s sound, and YOU should lighten seeing the candid deer.
  • And then, take off your hat, thanking the One above who dignified you to be a hunter.
  • When you will raise your weapon toward the game, do not forget that you are not an unconscious preadator but a human. A human of integrity.

Where all of these are observed, there is still game today, nature and hunters. In HARMONY they can coexist.

Geographical positioning

The Doripesco Hunting and Fishing Association manages two hunting funds: Fund No.8 - Valea Bogății and Fund No.13 - Crizbav.

The two funds are situated in the heart of Perșani Mountains, and on a distance of 5 km stretch on Perșanilor Crest. The maximum altitude is of 1040 m in Vârful Cetății.

The main species of game which are found on both funds are: deer, buck, boar, bear, wolf and lynx. Fund no.8 - Valea Bogății holds a portion of plain, named Lunca Fântânii (The Fountain Meadow), where there are pheasants, francolins and hares.


Asociatia de Vanatoare si Pescuit Doripesco
Asociatia de Vanatoare si Pescuit Doripesco
Asociatia de Vanatoare si Pescuit Doripesco
Asociatia de Vanatoare si Pescuit Doripesco
Doripesco S.A.
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Loc. Halchiu
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