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Doripesco has made itself noticed in recent years as a national leader in the organization of recreational fishing competitions  



Vadu Roşu base, with an exceptional fish density, offers both fishing ponds in the traditional system, as well as ponds destined for recreational fishing („catch and release”).

  • Pond 4

Pond 4 is one of the most important competitional ponds in Romania, this is where the most important recreational fishing contests take place.

  • Pond 6

Fishing in traditional system. The maximum quantity included in the pond tax is of 10 kg of fish.

  • Pond 2-3

Pescuit în sistem tradiţional. Cantitatea maximă inclusă în taxa de baltă este de 5 kg de peşte.

  • Pond 1

Fishing in traditional system. The maximum quantity included in the pond tax is of 5 kg of fish.


The Doripesco-Dumbrăviţa Carpathian Delta, represents a protected natural area of approximately 420 ha, of which around 180 ha the reservoir and the adjacent area, and the rest the complex of stews and other neighbouring lands.



The Pond of Arini is dedicated to those who wish to enjoy a quiet fishing day and a wonderful location at Olt.
The Pond of Arini hosts amateur fishers and, occasionally, contests for people with special needs. 

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✓ Vadu Rosu

✓ Dumbravita

✓ Arini



In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity performed within limits, developed for the purpose of maintaining, with the hunting weapon, an equilibrium in nature. Said more precisely for the purpose of maintaining an equilibrium between the species of predatory game and those of herbivore game.



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At the basis of the Doripesco activity lies the concept of multifunctional pisciculture. This entails fulfilling the whole commercial chain: production of raw materials – production of the finished products – selling and distribution of the finished products. 
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