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Three activities for relaxation and recreation

In this the daily agitation, in order to enjoy ourselves and forget about the everyday problems, but also in order to have a healthier lifestyle, it is very important to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer. Many times, the space where we live influences and represents us. What can be more resting and relaxing than an outing in nature with friends and family? 
Doripesco proposes three types of activities, which will benefit you regardless of age. 


Fishing is practiced by people from the oldest of times, in order to ensure a great part of their nutrition. In time, things have evolved, and fishing no longer represents a necessity, a means of survival, having transformed itself into a hobby, even a means of recreation. In Greek mythology, Poseidon represents the protector of sailors, but also of fishers.       
Things have evolved, tools have been modified, passing from spears to nets and to ultra modern devices. Recreational fishing has developed quite well and quickly due to people’s passion and obsession for improvement and proving their fishing abilities.


Just like fishing, hunting has constituted a means of existence, before people started breeding animals and cultivating plants. The grinded stone, the bones of large animals, the bow and arrow have later evolved to swords, arrows with metallic tips, spades. From the emergence of gun powder and implicitly of fire weapons, hunting has evolved, and its main purpose has been replaced by other perspectives of the human – hunter. 
The hunting customs and traditions have always intersected with the religious ones. Everybody has heard of the offerings and religious processions dedicated to the protective gods of hunting and hunters. Artemis must be reminded (Greeks), but also Diana (Romans) –  deities at once respected and worshipped. A legend was formed around St. Eustace, protector of hunting, as a deer with a cross between its antlers appeared to him. St. Eustace, in those times being a soldier under the Traian’s command, had interpreted the message of the deer with a cross as representing God’s word. Hence he became a Christian and a Saint protecting of hunting. 
Hunting has become in time an occupation for some and a hobby for others, being considered a sport, but also an activity of recreation and relaxation. Hunting must always be an act of responsibility, the purpose being the conservation of  biodiversity. 


Hunting has also been found in art, starting with cave paintings and continuing with the multiple works of art during the Middle Ages and culminating with the photography of today.
The phenomenon is strongly developed in the West, but in the recent years it has timidly started to emerge in the inland touristic landscape as well. The term refers to the observation and studying of wild birds with the naked eye or with the help of advanced equipment such as: binoculars, spyglasses, lunettes and professional photo cameras. 
By contrast to ornithologists, who study birds for purely scientific considerations and for research, birdwatchers mainly perform recreational relaxing activities, with an underlying serious social component. Birdwatching represents a combination of sports, relaxation and hiking in nature, everything grafted on an ecological support.



We invite you to view the 2020 season sports calendar

Burzenland Smoked Bighead Carp - IGP certification

Burzenland Smoked Bighead Carp (Novacul Afumat din Țara Bârsei) - is the only product in the fisheries sector that benefits from PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certification.




We invite you to view the 2020 season sports calendar



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In Romania, hunting has been perceived, for over 50 years, as an activity performed within limits, developed for the purpose of maintaining, with the hunting weapon, an equilibrium in nature. Said more precisely for the purpose of maintaining an equilibrium between the species of predatory game and those of herbivore game.



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At the basis of the Doripesco activity lies the concept of multifunctional pisciculture. This entails fulfilling the whole commercial chain: production of raw materials – production of the finished products – selling and distribution of the finished products. 
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