"Doripesco is a family business developed with passion and devotion, with love for the profession and with repsect for nature. We try, and have succeeded in combining, fish production with the profile tourism (recreational fishing, birdwatching). Due to their beginnings, the breeding and processing of fish constitutes the sentimental part of the business. In time, we have managed to extend the company’s area of activity towards other activities such as travel, constructions, concrete production."
(Dorin Crizbășan – Chief Executive Officer)

Protected natural area
Delta din Carpați

Doripesco is an entirely privately owned trade company founded in 1995, with the statutory seat in Hălchiu town, Braşov county. Following the activity of the former Braşov Fishing Company and based on our employees’ over 30 years of experience, Doripesco has become in time one of the most important fish producers and processors in the country. From its foundation until the present Doripesco extended its activity in the connected fields of the aquaculture activity. Therefore, a gravel pit was developed at the Fishing Complex from Vadu Roşu, in time having been transformed into a strong construction division which supports the profile sector from Braşov county and beyond.

The fishing complexes found in the custody of Doripesco present special advantages not only for aquaculture, but also for travel. Doripesco has delopped three tourism units and three recreational activities. Based on the success of the Doripesco Touristic Complex from Vadu Roşu (Rotbav), Doripesco has founded another two touristic locations: the restaurant Casa Păstrăvarului and the Poiana Râşnoavei Boarding House, both enjoying a great success among tourists. The competitive advantages of these two touristic locations are represented by the following elements: the specific fish menu with fish of the greatest freshness from its own ponds, the extraordinary ambient determined by the natural landscape of our lakes, as well as the recreational activities oferred for the tourists. Doripesco has introduced ino the touristic circuit three recretational activities which enjoy a great success: recreational fishing, birdwatching and hunting.

Since March 2006, Doripesco has taken the complex of lakes from Dumbrăviţa under its custody. This complex of lakes formed on the Hamaradia brook annually reunites over 200 species of birds specific only to that area and to the Danube Delta. The bird fauna and animal diversity has lead to the setting of this area under European protection by its classification in a protected natural area. (Sit Natura 2000 and Sit Ramsar). Named „Delta din Carpaţi", the area is managed in collaboration with the Romanian Ornithic Society – Braşov Subsidiary.

The Carpathian Delta is the only location from which Doripesco supplies the production section with fresh fish. The Doripesco products, made after traditional recipes from Ţara Bârsei, benefit from raw materials of prime freshness of natural source, due to the fish being transported alive in special water containers, reaching from the farms to the processing section, in maximum 3 hours. Moreover, from the reception to the obtention of the finished product, time is monitored so to not exceed 72 hours, ensuring the freshness of the product, the continuity and the uniformity of the quality, as well as food safety.
Doripesco S.A.
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